About Us
About Us

As Humans, we have mastered almost everything on the surface of the earth, excepting ourselves. This Mind-Body system we have is the most complex machine in any phase of evolution. Yet, it is this one thing that we use without any instruction manual! Well, we can see the result...

When our passions, equipped its reactionary moves that are designed for the survival processes drives us, there remains no difference between us and other animals. But, at the same time we have our intellect and tools of humans. Hence, It becomes like putting a sword in the hands of a child. Various factors and powers come at discord with each other. And above all, we lack the center of meaning. We lack a sense of fulfilment and a unquenchable thirst inside. This creates a domino effect starting from each self to our families, then to the society and soon the world at large.

With the urgent need of time, through the advent of some fulfilling personalities humanity sees the light towards the way out. Such a person is called the Living Ideal. Such a personality is a walking example of existential knowledge where various cultures of past find concordance and facets of our multidimensional psycho-physique finds meaningful solution in Him. Having the complete Mastery of His own self, he is able to manipulate his environs to His and other's benefit. Hence, He is the Way, the Truth... and the Exemplary teacher of Mankind.

Our Objective

Master Within Team, urges everyone to seek and accept such a Living Ideal or Master for every individual. Through research, content and activities we intend to make way toward this truth in as simple manner we can. If one organ fails, it causes discord throughout the body, we are irreplacable organs of one world-body. So, let us support each other and become the cause of each other's well-being & becoming.

"If Mastery Within Awakens not, Master, Centre, none you have; and deceiving, you shall be deceived."

"Where goodness in all respect is invoked and imbibed, God resides there with a soothing shower of Smile."

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The Ideological Encyclopedia of Master

Join the Movement | a Company of Lovers of Existence

Membership is just like a formal acceptence. We are a company of lovers of existence, In our understanding, every individual who want to live and grow is already a part of this movement. But becoming a conscious part of the Movement is something else, for that we have to actively prosper individually ourselves being concentric to the Ideal and at the same time exalt others in doing the same. In the member community, we support each other and move along under the direct guidance of our President and Advanced Teachers here at Master Within in Individual growth as well as in accomplishing our projects.

Disclaimer: We don't support any kind of sectarian outlook. We are currently in touch with some authentic spiritual, scientific organizations and schools working towards the same goal. Our goal is simple, we want the overall well being and growth in every individual - through an unbiased Ideal-centric go of life. Just like, one organ failure results in a deformed body, same goes for a Nation or the World, one person's distress creates a domino effect of misery. So, according to Master, even a single individual should not be left out in this glorious journey of existentialism.

"Cultivate Culture, field is vast, cultivators are few."
  • Master, Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra

Mail us at: masterwithin.official@gmail.com to ask anything!

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